Speaker Announcement – Vasken Hauri

Best practices in JavaScript and jQuery for WordPress

We’ll cover a range of common JS/jQuery pitfalls and best practices, including variable/function declaration and scope, closures, caching, naming conventions, and code linting. Whether you’re looking to get familiar with JavaScript in preparation for using the new WordPress JSON REST API (to be released in early 2015), or if you’re just starting out with front-end jQuery, this talk will provide you with some helpful tips and useful links for further learning.

Vasken Hauri

Vasken has been working with WordPress professionally since 2007. Most recently, at 10up, a leading WordPress full-service design and development agency, as VP of Strategic Engineering. His experience with WordPress ranges from custom integrations with higher education user management systems to building sites for some of the world’s largest publishers and corporations.

Additionally you can find him

On Twitter : @vaskenhauri
Company Website: 10up
Blog: neverblog.net