Speaker Announcement – David Parsons

Automating Your Repetitive WordPress Development Tasks

For many of us, the development process can be a very time consuming. A world where we are constantly nit picking our code in order to create a customized and unique experience. However, this can cause our developers to perform several tasks over and over again without extensive testing. If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over again? Let’s do ourselves a favor and build it right the first time. In this talk, I will be covering many techniques on how to reuse code with automation techniques, new languages, and tools such as Grunt that allow us to perform many many of our common development tasks when building WordPress themes and plugins. In the end, this produces products that are more secure and quicker to build.

David Parsons

David Parsons , a recent Computer Science graduate over at The University of Central Florida, has been working with WordPress for over six years now and is currently working at BrandCo as a WordPress Developer. His passion for the web originally started by making a simple website with WordPress back in high school. Over the years he has been branched out his skill set with responsive design, web apps, SEO, theme development, plugin development and SASS enhanced stylesheets. Recently David has been spending a lot of his spare time speaking at local events such as the local Orlando WordPress Meetup Group, BarCamp Orlando, BarCamp Tampa and more recently WordCamp Miami.