Speaker Announcement – David Barrington

It’s All About the Benjamins: Using WordPress for E-commerce

Thanks to Woocommerce, WordPress is quickly becoming the preferred platform for small to medium sized e-commerce sites. Designing and building a website for a business can be complicated enough, but adding e-commerce takes it to a whole new level of complexity. I’ll be sharing tips and tricks to make this process less stressful and more profitable for you and your clients.

David Barrington

Nearly 20 years ago, Dave took Computing 101 because he kept hearing about this thing called the “interwebs.” From the moment he pulled up his first website, he was hooked, and he’s been working in the industry ever since. Currently, he works for Boostability as a WordPress developer, trainer, and e-commerce specialist. When not playing in cyberspace, he loves working with Cub Scouts, spending time with his wife, and watching Batman cartoons with his son who is 9 months old.