Speaker Announcement — Chris Reynolds

Why Hacking WordPress Search Isn’t Some Big Scary Thing

Developers can be a stubborn lot. We like to focus on the things we know really well, and things we don’t deal with as often can be seen as “hard”. Search is one of those things that gets written off a lot, few devs I know will deal with it (voluntarily), and almost everyone will tell you “WordPress search sucks.” In this presentation you will learn that not only do you know more about how search works than you thought you did, but maybe give you a better understanding of how WordPress works as a whole, as well as showing you some cool tricks that you can do with WordPress search.

Chris Reynolds

Chris Reynolds is a WordPress developer for WebDevStudios and has been a freelance web designer and developer specializing in WordPress since 2007. He has submitted plugins and themes to WordPress.org and is the author of numerous WordPress-centric online training courses for Pluralsight. When he’s not writing code or making videos, he makes electronic music and cheers for Real Salt Lake.