Speaker Announcement – Brent Jacobsen

The 7 Essential WordPress Plugins

There are literally thousands of themes and plugins available to help you customize your WordPress website to do almost anything you need it to do. However, navigating this sea of plugins can often be a daunting task. During this session, we’ll go over the best practices for finding the right plugin for your needs, and talk about the 7 WordPress plugins I believe are essential to every WordPress-powered site.

Brent Jacobsen

Brent Jacobsen is a founding partner at FDEV, a web consulting agency. He’s a multi-axis strategic thinker and has been consulting businesses in various industries since 2004. Brent wrote his first lines of code at age 5 and has been a WordPress user and advocate since 2005. Brent also recently founded WPUtah, which offers WordPress training workshops for businesses, marketers, non-profits and entrepreneurs.