Speaker Announcement – David Parsons

Automating Your Repetitive WordPress Development Tasks

For many of us, the development process can be a very time consuming. A world where we are constantly nit picking our code in order to create a customized and unique experience. However, this can cause our developers to perform several tasks over and over again without extensive testing. If you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over again? Let’s do ourselves a favor and build it right the first time. In this talk, I will be covering many techniques on how to reuse code with automation techniques, new languages, and tools such as Grunt that allow us to perform many many of our common development tasks when building WordPress themes and plugins. In the end, this produces products that are more secure and quicker to build.

David Parsons

David Parsons , a recent Computer Science graduate over at The University of Central Florida, has been working with WordPress for over six years now and is currently working at BrandCo as a WordPress Developer. His passion for the web originally started by making a simple website with WordPress back in high school. Over the years he has been branched out his skill set with responsive design, web apps, SEO, theme development, plugin development and SASS enhanced stylesheets. Recently David has been spending a lot of his spare time speaking at local events such as the local Orlando WordPress Meetup Group, BarCamp Orlando, BarCamp Tampa and more recently WordCamp Miami.

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Speaker Announcement – Velda

Jetpack All the Things

You’ve probably seen this plugin in your WordPress installations. Learn how to get the most out of it for your projects. We’ll cover the basics for users and share resources for developers.


Geek, Mom, Warrior Princess, and Happiness Engineer at Automattic. Big fan of standards and of keeping things simple.

You can also find her
Twitter: @supernovia
Blog: legendofvelda.com

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Little Cottonwood Sponsor – Lingotek

Lingotek offers a full feature Translation Management System with machine, community, and professional translations. They are excited to becoming involved in the WordPress community with their soon-to-be-released WordPress integration plugin and by participating in our local event.

A few other notable features are

  • Customizable workflows and choice of machine, community, and professional translation
  • Translation memories (TM) that can be used across the enterprise
  • Connectors from a variety of sources
  • Ability to import over 30+ file types (e.g., Office, Adobe, OpenOffice docs)
  • Integration directly into source control (e.g., git)

Sounds pretty cool to me. Make sure when you are at the event you say hello and welcome Lingotek to the WordPress community.

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Speaker Announcement – Curtis Jensen

Start Your Membership Site on the Right Foot

The idea of having a membership site is exciting at the least. Who wouldn’t be excited? The idea of having a community you’re passionate about or creating a steady stream of income, to name a couple good reasons. You may have even seen wonderful existing membership sites and have thought, “Hey, I could do something like this, but for
[niche].” That is great and all, but how are you going to make it happen? You need a plan. You need to know what tools are at your disposal. You need to start on the right foot.

Curtis Jensen

Curtis is a software tester by day at Bluehost and a freelance web designer by night, father of 4+ (one on the way) and has been a WordPress nut since 2007. He loves helping small businesses and loves creating things (current side project is building a 3 tiered bunk bed for the kiddos).

You can also find him
Twitter: @curtjen
Blog: curtjen.com

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Speaker Announcement – Jake Spurlock

High Performance WordPress (WP_Query Performance and Best Practices)

WordPress websites are more then simple blogs these days, and building complex features may mean complex queries. Once upon a time, it was simple enough to install WP Super Cache and call it good, but with Javascript front ends, and lots of dynamic content, caching objects WordPress objects is a lot more important.

Jake Spurlock

Jake is a developer for Condé Nast where he works on the technology team for Wired Magazine. He has been working with WordPress since the good ol’ days, and when he has some free time, he enjoys basking in the sunlight, evening walks with his family, spending time outdoors, skiing and biking.

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Speaker Announcement – David Barrington

It’s All About the Benjamins: Using WordPress for E-commerce

Thanks to Woocommerce, WordPress is quickly becoming the preferred platform for small to medium sized e-commerce sites. Designing and building a website for a business can be complicated enough, but adding e-commerce takes it to a whole new level of complexity. I’ll be sharing tips and tricks to make this process less stressful and more profitable for you and your clients.

David Barrington

Nearly 20 years ago, Dave took Computing 101 because he kept hearing about this thing called the “interwebs.” From the moment he pulled up his first website, he was hooked, and he’s been working in the industry ever since. Currently, he works for Boostability as a WordPress developer, trainer, and e-commerce specialist. When not playing in cyberspace, he loves working with Cub Scouts, spending time with his wife, and watching Batman cartoons with his son who is 9 months old.

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Speaker Announcement – John Pugliano

Podcasting made easy with WordPress

Podcasting enables everyone to be a broadcaster. Whether you want to build your business or just promote your hobby, podcasting lets you get your message out. This presentation is delivered from a novice WordPress user’s perspective. He’ll provide step-by-step instructions explaining his experience moving from a simple blog to hosting a podcast on iTunes.

John Pugliano

John Pugliano is the founder and money manager of Investable Wealth, LLC a licensed investment advisory firm. He is a novice WordPress user that has successfully launched the Wealthsteading Podcast to promote his business and broadcast his unique message of how to build wealth.

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Speaker Announcement – Tony Naccarato

Taking Your Site From Useful to Usable

We all think that we know what is best. We build our sites and applications the way we think it should be. But let’s admit it, we are not our users. So, in what ways can we create a better experience for our users? During this session, you will learn how to help make your site or application a better user experience through a few simple steps like interactions, typography, and testing.

Tony Naccarato

Tony Naccarato is a user experience designer currently working for AtTask. He has been a designer for over 12 years, the past 6 years focused on user experience and interactions. He also runs his own freelance design business where he helps small businesses and startups. His focus as a designer is to make things simple and easy to use.

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Speaker Announcement – Rebecka Hathaway

Creating a website that works from the start. Planning the ‘Architecture’ of your site.

When creating a website, whether it’s about telling your story or selling your products, there’s more to it than the 5 minute WordPress install.
I’ll talk about what you need to plan for when building your site. As a designer, I find these are common elements that clients have not even considered before starting their blog or online storefront.Copy, layout, photos… it’s all part of the planning.

Rebecka Hathaway

Rebecka Hathaway is a designer and creator of WordPress web and e-commerce sites since 2007 or so. As an artist, she loves integrating original illustrations and hand lettering into her designs and sells her work utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce. She happily works from her home studio where there’s always coffee and shoes are optional. Find her at monkeyslovedonuts.com

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Speaker Announcement – Jessica Barnard

5 Reasons to Utilize a Theme Framework: Minimize Hassle & Maximize Profits

You’ve probably heard the catchphrase, “work smarter, not harder.” Building a WordPress website with a theme framework can help you do just that. During this talk, I’ll share how I’ve leveraged the Genesis Framework to save me time and increase my revenue.

Jessica Barnard

Jessica Barnard is the Designer & Developer behind The Pixelista, a creative agency specializing in business branding and WordPress web development. Jessica has been making the internet attractive since 2008, and her passion is working with small, women-owned businesses.

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